Zomato Gives Epic Reply To Man Who Cancelled Order Over ‘Muslim’ Delivery Boy


Food delivery company Zomato gave an epic reply to a customer on Twitter. After this, the people in twitter are praising Zomato. It all happened when, a customer named Amit Shukla wrote a tweet on Twitter, stating that he canceled the food order because of Zomato as the company had sent food with a Muslim delivery boy.

In his tweet, the customer wrote that a Muslim delivery boy delivered his food which he wished to cancel the order but Zomato isn’t refunding the money nor changing the delivery boy. Hours later, Zomato responded with his official Twitter account saying that “there is no religion of food. It is a religion itself.” This epic reply given by Zomato won the internet and it started trending on twitter as well.

Many twitter users praised the company because of its tweet. At the same time, the company founder Deepinder Goyal tweeted on the issue. He wrote that “We are proud of the idea of India – and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners. We aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values.”

The person who posted this stupid tweet is getting trolled heavily on social media. He, later on, tweeted that he is going to talk to his lawyer about the issue. This tweet caught the attention of Bollywood Actress Richa Chadha. She also tweeted on this issue. While tweeting Richa Chadha not only targeted the customer but also advised not to spread hate on social media. After this Uber Eats also retweeted the pot of Amazon.

Many users in twitter expressed anger towards that person. A Twitter user, expressing anger at Amit Shukla’s decision, said that you should always eat food from such a restaurant where it is necessary to have a Hindu cook and must be owned by them only. In fact he shouldn’t order anything from Zomato as the founder of this application is Chinese. This incident caught the eye of several news channels as well and hence this incident was broadcasted there too. Most of the delivery boys working in Zomato are college students who work to earn a part-time salary.