Zomato Announces 26-Week Paid Parental Leave For Men And Women


The online food delivery app, Zomato, will give 26 weeks leave to those employees, who are going to be parents in the upcoming future. It will also benefit the employees who have become parents in the last six months. The company will give the amount of one thousand dollars (69, 262 rupees) on its behalf to such employees. The company’s founder and CEO Deepender Goyal have announced this through a blog post. Zomato has its branches and employees in almost 13 countries in the world.


This new policy of the company will also be benefited by employees who will practice surrogacy or will adopt or are transgenders. Goyal has said that in countries where the government has made any policy regarding this and they are giving more leave, then it will be implemented. Goyal said that this policy has come into effect in many countries of the world. Although earlier it was used only for women, but now men should also be included in it. That’s because both men and women are needed for care in the early days of the child.

Zomato UAE acquisition Delivery Hero

The business of eating food through the food delivery app in big cities ranging from small to large have gone a long way. Now, these companies are giving jobs to many people. Nearly two lakh people are connected to the food delivery app Zomato, who order food from the restaurant at home or office. Their average age is 25 years. Such people are joining in such work, which is from the village-countryside. Urban youth also do this kind of job for part-time. Only 28 percent of the people are married, 72 percent of the rest fall in the unmarried category.


Earlier, when the founder of Zomato got to know that it’s delivery boy supplied food with the help of a wheelchair, he decided to give him an electric bicycle. Zomato’s founder posted the video of that disabled person himself with his Twitter handle and praise him. He says that through the newly given electric bicycle, he will be able to do his job more efficiently. He will not have to face any problem in going from one place to another. People widely appreciated this step by Zomato and appraise it.