Why Should You Quit Your 9-5 Job And Open Your Own Startup


In the private sector, employees are given a good salary. But while working in any private firm or MNC, every employee has fear in mind of losing the job. Every employee wishes that they never get to hear the three words – ‘you’re fired’. In this case, only one thing revolves around the mind that if someone loses his job what is he gonna do next? Apply to different companies? Submit resume/CV in different job portals?

Only a handful of intelligent people think of startup. In a country like India where technology is booming at a rapid pace, startups are booming too. The startup culture is very much common and almost every individual working in the hectic schedule of corporate sector thinks of working on their own startup.

Once, billionaire companies like Facebook and Google too were startups. Startups help the person for becoming his boss and if capable enough to understand market growth one can even earn money endlessly. Before starting your venture, one needs to plan out the purpose and should analyze the market trends carefully. Two terms like ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘startup’ are commonly used, although there is no special difference in this. Originally startups are often those businesses that are based on that idea that has not previously been implemented.

People often rollback their idea of startups because of the lack of funds. Once can even get loan up to 1 crore rupees under different startup schemes in India. Once can also get funding from a Venture Capital firm or Angel Investor. Angel Investor or Venture Capitalists are often big business people in the corporate world. They analyze the startups as per your experience and then invest in it. Such investments are also in the form of private equity.


Many people working in the corporate sector and their 9 to 5 jobs are fed up the hectic schedule. Income in this private sector is limited, but there is no limit of income in your startup. In your very own startup, one can use his skills and abilities for his benefit. The decision taken in your startup can be taken quickly and easily.