UGC May Allow Pursuing Multiple Degrees Simultaneously


Indian students will soon be able to get more than one degrees together from different universities or the same university at the same time. earlier only one degree at a time was being considered by UGC. University Grants Commission (UGC) has started to consider this issue with its board of members. UGC has set up a panel under the chairmanship of its Vice President Bhushan Patwardhan, who will examine the issue of students pursuing two-degree programs simultaneously from the same university or different universities.

However, it is not the first time that the board commission is considering this issue. UGC had also formed a committee in 2012 and this matter was discussed. Eventually, this idea was rejected back then. An official of the UGC stated, “Last month this committee was formed and two meetings have already been held. Now discussions are going on with the different sides to consider the practicality of this idea. ”

However, two-degree programs under regular mode can not be allowed simultaneously as it can cause logistic, administrative, and educational problems. Students having a degree program under regular mode can be allowed to do a single certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, PG diploma program in the same university or from other institutes or in open and distance mode simultaneously.

According to the UGC officials, the Commission then sought the comments of the statutory councils on the committee’s report and the received responses did not support the idea of ​​allowing students to pursue several degree programs simultaneously. So the plan was rejected but not closed fully. Now again in 2019, it has been decided to consider this decision again because there have been many changes in the education sector and technology. Many people want to go ahead with special courses other than their regular degree programs.

Now the UGC has created a committee headed by its president to examine the effect of students studying two degrees simultaneously in correspondence, online or part-time with the same university or from different universities. If this rule comes into power, it will surely benefit students in pursuing several courses at the same time and to build their CV.