Uber Will Now Kick Riders With Below Average Ratings


Uber’s Head of Safety Band and Initiatives Kate Parker said: “Reverence is a two-way street, and so is responsibility. Uber has revealed a new system that allows the firm to kick riders with cheap ratings to the edge. For years, Uber let passengers rate drivers on a star system, ultimately allowing customers to determine whether drivers can stay behind the wheel. Though drivers could rate customers, there was no equivalency in results. But now Uber’s drivers will have a greater say about the behaviour of passengers.


Riders will start to see a screen on the app that reviews community guidelines and then asks them to validate their understanding of the new terms. They will get tips on how to increase their scores suggestions like being nice, taking their trash out of the vehicle and avoiding from asking drivers to speed. This system will be carried out all over the world where uber runs currently.


Before anyone is banned, riders at danger of deactivation will get several notifications and opportunities to improve their score. Uber will send alerts with tips “such as encouraging polite behaviour, avoiding leaving trash in the vehicle and avoiding requests for drivers to beat the speed limit,” according to the blog post. Uber will not disclose how low a rider’s rating has to be in order to get booted from the platform, but Grant Klinzman, a company spokesperson, said it will vary by city and is based on the average rider rating in that city.

If you’ve got a cheap Uber rating, you may now be completely banned from the service. In a post written on Uber’s site, the transport-giant announced that it has updated its user guidelines, now titled “Safety and Respect for All.” The new guidelines will operate out all over the world where uber provides its assistance and will incorporate a new initiative called “ratings-based rider deactivation.” The new feature will mean that passengers with “significantly below average rating” may lose access to the service entirely. Uber has convinced that riders “will have several opportunities to develop their rating prior to losing access to the Uber apps.”

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