Twitter Explodes As “Four Seasons Hotel” In Mumbai for charging Rs 1700 for 2 boiled eggs


The case of charging Rs 442 for two bananas was a hot topic these days on social media. Another incident has been reported that a hotel charged Rs 1700 for two boiled eggs. In the hotel bill, two boiled eggs have been minted at Rs 1700, while two other omelettes have been charged at different prices of Rs 850 and Rs 1700. Earlier just for two bananas, the hotel JW Marriott of Chandigarh Rs 442 charged from actor Rahul Bose.

The new case is of a hotel in Mumbai where Karthik Dhar, author of ‘All the Queen’s Men’, ordered two boiled eggs. Twitter user Karthik was surprised to see the egg bill when the hotel handed him a bill of Rs 1700. He wrote on Twitter, Rs 1700 for two eggs at Five Star Hotel in Mumbai. Karthik tagged Rahul Bose’s bill and uploaded his copy of that bill on Twitter and wrote, “2 eggs for Rs 1700 at the @FourSeasons Mumbai. @RahulBose1 Bhai Aandolan karein?”

However, there is no response from his hotel to this tweet, whereas, before this, the income tax department had imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on the JW Marriott hotel after when Rahul Bose uploaded the bill of two bananas on Twitter. As soon as Karthik uploaded the bill on Twitter, the social media users questioned the hotel and tweeted about it. Someone wrote, did you get gold with this egg? Rahul Bose surely would have seen this tweet and wouldn’t be surprised after seeing it. Many twitter users are also supporting the Hotel as they provide several luxury services free of cost.

Significantly, a few days ago, actor Rahul Bose was charged Rs 442 for two bananas at a five-star hotel in Chandigarh. After which the administration came into action and found hotel guilty of violating Section 11 of GST against the hotel. He was fined 25 thousand rupees for this act of the hotel. After which Rahul shared this bill on Twitter. He put a video on Twitter and said “You have to see this to believe it. Who said fruit wasn’t harmful to your existence? Ask the wonderful folks at @JWMarriottChd #goingbananas #howtogetfitandgobroke #potassiumforkings.”

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