TikTok Parent ByteDance Is Reportedly Buliding A Smartphone It Can Preload The App On


There is good news for people who use Chinese company smartphones including Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo for making videos on TikTok. The news is that ByteDance, a proprietary company that owns the video-sharing app TikTok, can launch its own smartphone soon. On the basis of several media sources in their report, it states that many of the company’s applications will be preloaded in the upcoming ByteDance smartphone.

That smartphone will have pre-download applications which are developed byByteDance such as famous Indian application – TikTok. Apart from this, some reports have said that this smartphone will also have a streaming music service, which has not yet been released. This smartphone of TikTok can compete with mobile phones of companies such as Xiamoi, Oppo, Vivo of China. This smartphone can become popular worldwide considering the craze of Tiktok.

The report says that Bytadance wants to consolidate the product portfolio with its smartphone. However, the details of the smartphone have not been revealed. It is expected that this can be a budget smartphone designed in keeping Indians in mind. Some sources state that ByteDance CEO Jhang Wiming has a long dream of making smartphones, which is preloaded from with music streaming applications. Beijing’s company confirmed the deal early this year with the phone maker Smartisan. The company had said that it has acquired a printed portfolio. Also, some of Smartisan’s employees have also hired. This indicates that the company can launch its smartphone soon.

Considering the users of TikTok, this can be a budget smartphone because most of the users of this app are young, who are not in a position to buy a more budgeted smartphone. Meanwhile, TikTok has been described as the most popular app on Apple iPhone and iPad. This is what many internet sources said in its report. In the quarter ended March 2019, TikTok was downloaded 3.3 million times.

Earlier Amazon had stepped into the smartphone business to push its smartphone with pre-loaded application options. This can be a big challenge for ByteDance just like Amazon. Now it will be interesting to see if this smartphone will be so popular in a country like India.