TikTok Dangerous For National Security : Shashi Tharoor


TikTok is the most popular music video application which is popular worldwide. It is so much popular among the youngsters all over the world. In India, this is one of the most downloaded applications from the Google Play store but this application has gone through several controversies. This application was earlier banned by Madras high court but was later released again after giving a warning notice to “Byte Dance” parent company of TikTok).

Now, this application is again in a fresh controversy. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has now questioned in the Lok Sabha on the matter of privacy breach done by Chinese application TikTok and termed it a threat to the security of the country. In the Lok Sabha on 1 July, Shashi Tharoor stated that the data of Indian people through the TikTok app is reaching illegally in China. In this case, it is a serious threat to national security. Tharoor said these things during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha. He urged for an immediate ban on this application

tiktok ban removed

He said, “The data of Indian users in the smartphone, app, social media and Internet are easily available, which can be used for personal gain, profits, and political control. Recently, in the US, a penalty of $ 5.7 million i.e. about 39 million rupees has been imposed for collecting data on TikTok.

Shashi Tharoor citing many reports said that through this musical video application, the Chinese government has access to data from Indian users. He said this while pointing out this issue of national security that he would request the government in this regard that the center should formulate a comprehensive legal framework for the right to privacy.

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It is worth noting that a few months back, TikTok was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There were allegations on TikTok for promoting offensive and vulgar videos of children on TikTok. During the hearing of a case, the Madras High Court instructed the central government to ban China’s Popular application TikTok and said that the app is promoting ‘vulgarity’. It is also worth mentioning that TikTok is about to release its smartphone in India as well.