This Is Where Smart Investor Virat Kohli Has Invested For His Future


Being a celebrity and number one sportsman in cricket, Virat Kohli is very popular and he is equally popular in the field of business. Being a sensible investor, Virat Kohli has made his investment in many types of ventures for the future. Lets us look at some of the 6 ventures he has invested in –

One 8 Perfume Brand

Virat Kohli recently launched his new perfume brand one 8 Perfume. The name of this new brand One 8 is named after Kohli’s number-18. Deodorants and Pocket Spray of this brand are also present in the market.

WROGN brand

Virat Kohli has also invested in the popular fashion brand WROGN. This platform, promoting Youth Fashion brands, was launched by Anjana Reddy, who is associated with Universal Sportsbiz Pvt Ltd. Famous for his fashion and style statement, Kohli also promotes WROGN. WROGN mainly promotes fashion associated with graphic T-shirts, band collar shirts, lightweight denim jackets.

Chisel gym center

In addition to his looks and style, Virat Kohli also gives considerable attention to his fitness, which is why he is considered as India’s best athlete. Keeping this in mind, Kohli launched chain OF gym and fitness center. Chisel is a New Age fitness brand and in the next three years, Virat Kohli is planning to open 75 Chisel gym centers in the country.

Sports Convo

Virat Kohli has also done an investment in the Tech Startup Sports Convo. This is a forum related to sports in London, where supporters of different games meet on a platform and discuss sports, players and many other things related to sports. This business has also got the support of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale.

FC Goa

After making his brand in cricket, Kohli has also invested in football and tennis leagues. Kohli, who bought the FC Goa team in the ISL, desires to show his self-interest in several sports fields other than cricket. Kohli has an annual investment of Rs 1 crore in FC Goa and he owns its 25 per cent.

Dubai ITPL

Virat Kohli has also invested in ITPL through UAE Royals. Famous tennis player Roger Federer also participates in it and he also plays for the franchisee.