This Horrifying App Undresses a Photo of Any Woman


Internet is an astonishing but yet dark place where anything can happen. It contains millions of things which are inappropriate and can be fatal for the people. With the advancement of technology and improvement in artificial intelligence, several applications are created these days that work on the principle of AI and with that one can do mischievous activities.

Recently a horrifying application is making rounds on the internet and is getting pretty much viral on social media. An anonymous person has created an application called “Deep Nude” which uses powerful Artificial intelligence capability which can make a picture of a clothed person turn into nudity. This application uses a special effect which can undress or remove the clothes and generates a new image.

This application works even better when the person in the picture reveals much more skin. Due to this application, many people on social media are being targeted. Creating a false nude image of someone is termed as “deep fake.” There have been a hundred of cases where people were a victim of this. Mostly women were being targeted.

According to some sources, this application is available for an amount of $50 and is currently available on the dark web. That means it cannot be downloaded from your regular application stores. One should note that using someone pics and morphing it is illegal and can lead you to gateways of prison and heavy penalties. When this application is used it generates a nude image and a watermark is applied to it. Deep fakes have become a popular, international aspect, but platform governance and legislation so far have slipped to keep up with this fast-moving technology. In the meantime, several women are victimized by deep fakes.

According to several sources, the anonymous man who created this application has the nickname “Alberto.” It is said that he created this application because he got inspired by x-ray glasses and Hollywood movies in which special see-through glasses were used by actors. He realized the potential of artificial intelligence and thus decided to create a similar application. This application can be very much fatal and can result in bad outcomes.