Shah Rukh Khan To Adapt Money Heist As A Bollywood Film


The King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan has been away from the film screen for a long time. His last film, Zero, was released last year, which failed to meet the expectations of the audience. In this way, Shahrukh Khan is very carefully selecting projects ahead. However, there is good news for his fans, as Shahrukh is now again focusing on making films and web series.

After the success of film ‘Badla’ made under the production house of Shah Rukh Khan, Sharukh will now convert a Spanish web series into a Hindi film. According to the media sources, the third season of ‘Money Heist’, one of Netflix’s most famous Spanish series, is currently running on successfully. The rights for this series have been purchased by Red and Chillies Entertainment.

Talking about Money Heist, it’s a crime thriller web series which is very much popular on Netflix. Its story revolves around a mysterious man who tries to carry out a robbery in a bank through the internet. However, there are many twists and suspense in this story too. This series was shown to Shahrukh Khan by one of his partners. Shahrukh was very happy after seeing this web series and asked if a Hindi version could be made of it. Now Shahrukh Khan can play a lead role in this movie according to the internet speculations.

After getting the rights, its script is being written for the conversion of web show Money Heist to Hindi film. As far as Shah Rukh is concerned, he has so far made his mind to produce the film only. But he could get into the lead role as well. New Artists will also be selected for this Hindi film soon. If sources of Red Chillies are to be believed, this Hindi script surprises Shah Rukh then he himself can play the lead character of the film. ‘Money Heist’ is a crime thriller series whose story revolves around a mysterious human being. He calls himself “Professor”. He tries to execute a bank robbery through phone and internet. The Indian version of this Spanish web series would be the most anticipated movie of all time.