R Madhavan’s Gives A Savage Reply To A Man Who Joked About ‘3 Idiots’


R Madhavan who played a short role in 3 Idiots as an engineer and is famous for his movies like Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein (RHTDM) is very much active on social media. He keeps his followers updated with his fresh tweets. A Twitter reply from R Madhavan to a person is becoming viral on social media these days.

A Twitter user named shitiz Sharma pointed out a Zomato delivery executive who is an engineering graduate. Shitiz in his tweet said that people were encouraged by Madhavan’s character in the 3 idiot movie to take up Mechanical Engineering, but are now left jobless. He wrote – “@Zomato @ZomatoIN @zomatocare the person who delivered the food today, is an engineer, I hope and Pray he grows in your company, my best wishes to Sudharsan🙏🏻@ActorMadhavan aapke chalte aadhe engg mein chale gaye, hope u know this and this isn’t a joke👀#RHTDM”














R Madhavan was quick enough to see this twitter post and replied instantly to him. He stated “Not my fault bro. Gaya to main bhi tha.. 3 idiots mein and real-life mein bhi… Sikandar bano… Jeet ke niklo.” Madhavan’s tweet garnered many funny reactions. Some even mentioned how Madhavan ensued his real life into reel life by presenting characters of engineering students in movies. Meanwhile, some adored delivery manager guys who bring food and other orders even in terrible weather conditions.














Even Zomato was quick enough to give an encouraging reply. The Zomato twitter handle wrote “Hi Shitiz! Every profession is a respectable profession and education is an important part of our society. Our delivery executives are our inspiration always! #DeliveryHeroes 🙂

The main reason behind such controversy is the employment rate in India is declining at a faster pace. Students with professional degrees in engineering are facing unemployability issues. These days R Madhavan is all set for the France schedule for directing his new film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. The movie will be shot concurrently in Hindi, Tamil, and English. The Tamil variant will be titled ‘Rocketry: Nambi Vilaivu’.