Netflix Gave An Epic Reply To User Challenging Them To Use Torrent To Watch Sacred Games


The social media marketing team of Netflix is known for its witty reply and humour. People were excited about social media because of the release of their favourite web series -“sacred games.” Netflix posted a humour post on Facebook stating that – Sacred Games will go live at 12 AM tonight. Matlab neend ka balidan dena hoga. Users on Facebook started giving their reactions to this post. However, one curious person commented – “we have torrent.”

What’s next was something funnier. Netflix gave an epic reply to the person by stating –“Tu torrent ke lie ruk, apun 12 baje dekhega.” This epic reply by Netflix marketing team surely has given a smile on the faces of sacred games lovers.

The second season of Netflix’s popular web series Sacred Games was finally released. As soon as Sacred Games Lovers came to know the date and time of its streaming, users became very excited. Netflix had tweeted that the second season would be streamed after midnight on August 15.

After a long wait, the second season of Sacred Games has been released. People who have a subscription to Netflix and those who are fans of it have started watching the episodes of Sacred Games. In such a situation, funny reactions have started coming on social media. Many of these people are sharing memes and jokes. Most of the jokes and memes are associated with “neend ka balidan” and related to sharing of the password of the Netflix account and watch the series.  It seems the social media marketing team of Netflix India knows the right concepts to use to tease the Indian fans on twitter and facebook.

In another tweet late night, it was informed that the second season is being streamed on the Netflix platform. But after midnight on August 14, the users were facing the problem and were not able to see the second season of Sacred Games updated on Netflix. The excitement of users turned into anger quickly. People started sharing their troubles with Netflix on Twitter. However, the issue was fixed after a few minutes.