Kachori Seller In Aligarh Has Annual Turnover Of Over Rs 60 Lakh, Gets Income Tax Notice


The shop of Mukesh Kumar who sells Kachori near Seema talkies in Aligarh is quite famous and every day a large queue of customers from morning to evening can be seen. But, he is currently in discussion for a new reason nowadays on social media. Mukesh has received notice from the tax department as his annual earnings are estimated between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 1 crore. Mukesh has neither got registration under GST nor does he pay tax.

Mukesh, who has been running the shop for 12 years, has received a tax notice for the first time. At present, a notice by the Income-tax department has been issued to the shopkeeper. SIB officials of the Aligarh Income Tax Department first searched for the kachori shop. After finding the shop, they talked to him for two days and reviewed his sales of Kachori. After this, the team of the department concluded on 21 June. When the questionnaire began, the merchant himself accepted the rumour of turnover of lakhs of rupees every month. The shopkeeper gave all information about the number of customers, purchase of raw materials, refined oil used every month, sugar and gas cylinder expenses.

The preliminary investigation by the investigative agency officials found that the Kachori merchant’s annual turnover is more than Rs 60 lakh. For the last 10 years, the small Kachori shop owner has been selling Kachori and Samosa from his small shop. Investigators found that Mukesh Kumar has not registered in GST. Whereas those people who turn over is more than Rs 40 lakh annually have to register in GST. Investigating officers claim that 60 lakh turnovers have been revealed in the preliminary inquiry itself, but in the detailed investigation, the annual turnover is likely to reach one to one and a half crore rupees.

This incident has become a subject of study in many institutions. It has become a case study for the GST department as well. Mukesh says that he was not aware of the rules. He has been running the shop for 12 years, but no one ever told about the tax-related formalities. He says that he and his family comes from an ordinary background and sell kachori and samosas for living.