Jeff Bezos Shares Tips And Advises For Anyone Starting A Business


Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos talked about success and his future plans in the conference of Amazon re-Mars. He told how a smart businessman one could become by working hard. Bezos said that the most important thing is that one should be obsessed with customers. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in the year 1994 and it has become a huge brand today. Jeff Bezos owns more than 15 companies of the Amazon Group. Apart from this, he also has a website called The Washington Post, Rocket Company (Blue Origin LLC), coupon and grocery website.

Bezos said last week, “I take a passive attitude on the details, but I do not like to lose courage on the things we work on. If you want to become an entrepreneur, first of all, you have to become obsessed with the customer. Do not just satisfy your customers, but rather find out how they can be fully pleased. ”

He further said, “You must have a passion for that area, which you are going to develop and in which you are going to work. Otherwise, your competition is from those people who have a passion for it and they have better products and services. Amazon CEO also recently purchased three apartments in New York’s Prime Manhattan area for nearly $ 80 million.

He further said that the good news is that, ‘we still take the risk every moment.’ Concerning the startup, he said that besides taking risks to his teammates, it should continue to encourage observers to become customers. Bezos insisted, “All these things work within the company and startup.” They said, “I observe some of the patterns that have been detected, those who are right, they listen a lot, they change their thoughts, which is very interesting.”

Jeff Bezos

When asked to Bezos what kind of future he is looking after 10 years from now, he said, “Humanity is going to see an amazing development in biotechnology.” He said, “I think this is an extraordinary area in which we will see impressive progress, along with that we will see very effective development in ML and AI”. Bezos said, “In the e-commerce area, people will demand lesser and faster shipping after about 10 years from now.”