iPhone designer Jony Ive to leave Apple


Apple’s leading designer Jony Ive has announced to leave the company. Jony Ive, who works in Silicon Valley, is going to open his very own company and Apple will be its first client. Jony Ive has worked with Apple for two decades and because of his contribution, it is one of the most successful companies in the world. He joined Apple in the year 1992 and even Steve Jobs have appreciated his work. As a designer, he designed iMac, iPod, and iPhone. The iPhone is currently the world’s most expensive smartphone brand. In April, Apple’s retail chief Angela had also said goodbye to the company.

Jony will continue to work for Apple’s special projects. Tim Cook says that Apple will continue to take advantage of his talent. In Apple, he has created a great and enthusiastic team. Steve Jobs called Jony a “Partners in Dreaming Up Devices.” Jobs also mentioned Jony as a special Partner. Jobs had said that he and Jony hold a high level and parallel thinking about business and innovation.

In his statement, Jony said that in the last 30 years, he worked in numerous special projects of Apple. This journey was great for him and thus he has prepared a great design team for Apple. Together he also said that in 2020 he will not be an employee of Apple, but will feel connected to himself. Jony Ive will run his very own company “LoveFrom” in 2020. Jony has his hands behind the successful design of iMac. Apart from this, he has worked with Steve Jobs in the design of the iPod.

Apple’s shares fell 1% on 27th June after news of Jony leaving the company broke out. This reduced the market cap share of Apple. People associated with the company say that when co-founder Steve Job died in 2011, Jony Ive had played a great role in preparing the company’s strategic vision. Innovation is the identity of Apple and he has done his responsibility in designing section very well. His contributions to Apple’s revival cannot be ignored In 1998, he played a key role from designing iMac to iPhone.According to the information, no one will be appointed Chief Designing Officer at his place.