Indian Air Force AN-32 Aircraft Missing From Arunachal, Search Operation Begins


An AN-32 plane of the IAF went missing from Mechuka Air Field of Arunachal Pradesh after flying from Jorhat Airbase of Assam on Monday. This area is very close to the China border. It has been reported that the last contact of the aircraft with the ground source was at around 1:00 in the afternoon. IAF officials also reported that there were 13 people on board.

The Indian Air Force has already started the necessary actions after losing contact with the aircraft and have not reached the airfield. All necessary resources have been put in place to find the aircraft. Indian Air Force has launched a Sukhoi-30 and C-130 Special Ops aircraft for the search of the aircraft at the current moment.

The full name of AN-32 aircraft is Antonov-32. There are two engines in this military transport aircraft. This aircraft can take off at the temperatures of more than 55 ° C and has the capability to fly up to an altitude of 14, 800 feet. This aircraft has the capability of carrying 5 crew members, including pilots, co-pilots, gunners, navigators, and engineers. It can accommodate up to 50 people.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Air Force Chief Air Marshal Rakesh Singh Bhadauria in this matter. The Defense Minister tweeted this information. He told that the Chief of the Air Force has informed him about the steps being taken for the search operation of the aircraft. He also stated that he prays for the safety of all the people on the plane.

Landing ground is very close to the China border. This area is mountainous and inaccessible. Due to the bad weather, the rescue operation is also facing trouble. The AN-32 aircraft is a Twin Engine Turboprop Transport Aircraft designed by Russia, which is used by Indian Air Force on a large scale for the past four decades.