India Will Reportedly Have The World’s First Hyperloop Train


To fulfill the dream of completing the journey between Mumbai and Pune in 35 minutes, the Maharashtra government has approved the Virgin Hyperloop One-DP World Consortium as the Original Project Proponent (OPP) of the Pune-Mumbai Hyperloop Project. This project will generate employment of 36 billion dollars as well. The distance between Mumbai and Pune is about 150 km.

According to Virgin Hyperloop One, the state government of Maharahtra is one of the first supporter of hyperloop technology in the world. The company will set up the world’s first hyperloop project in India. DP World (DPW) is a global trade giant and is the country’s leading ports and logistics operator. It will invest $ 500 million in the first phase of the project.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said in a statement that Maharashtra will establish the first hyperlopp transport system in the world to cover distance from Mumbai to Pune. For India, the establishment of Hyperloop Infrastructure will be the proud moment for the Indian people. Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Jay Walder has said, ‘History is being made. This race is for the first Hyperloop One transport system in the world and today the announcement goes forward to India. This is a big step taken by the Indian government with the support of public to deliver Hyperloop ‘

From the Hyperloop project, the distance of Mumbai from Central Pune will be reduced to 35 minutes, which is currently 3.5 hours. J. Walder, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Hyperloop One said that history is being created now. The competition for hosting the world’s first hyperloop transport system has been taken and this announcement extends to India firmly.

Hyperloop system has a series of tubes and will be possible to travel at a faster speed without any friction or air blockage. There are pods for people to sit in the hyperloop. It has been testing for quite a while and plans to bring it in India too. According to the report, there are still many problems ahead to set up it in India and the company is still testing how safe it will be for the people. Virgin Hyperloop is sure that these projects can be started very soon. According to the report, the deal for this will be almost final and will be soon set up in a district of Maharashtra.