IBM Layoff Senior Employees Solely To Attract Millennials To Be On Par With Amazon and Google


The senior employee of the American tech company IBM has alleged that in the last few years, the company has removed over one lakh senior employees to confer themselves ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ among millennials, like companies like Google and Amazon. Many senior officers have filed a lawsuit against the company for this issue.

It has been claimed by a former IBM salesman. IBM’s former salesman Jonathan Langley has also complained about the frugality against IBM. Jonathan claims that IBM has removed one lakh elderly employees working in the company who were working for IBM for many years just because the company wants to create a young team. Jonathan’s age is currently 61 years. The registrar hearing the case said that Jonathan had filed a case against the company as well.

At the same time, the company has ignored such allegations, stating that employees are not discriminated against their age at IBM. The company is 108 years old and every year around 50 thousand people join it. At the same time, the company also claimed that about $ 500 million is spent on training new employees. IBM also gets around 8000 job seeking letters as well. In the case against the company, the company said that it is just trying to spoil the image of IBM and to defame it.

In this case hearing, Alan Wilde, who was the HR Vice President of the company, said that, in the last 5 years, the company has removed between 50 thousand to 1 lakh employees. The company has hired young staff instead of senior employees just to look cool and trendy like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook which have young staff. People are criticizing these companies on social media as well for discriminating older employees.

The American institution “ProPublica” conferred an analysis in March last year, demonstrating that IBM had removed 20,000 American workers who were above 40 years of age. According to other reports, the company has rapidly recruited new people in its place, removing one-third of its global workforce over the years. Earlier, similar allegations were made on the billion-dollar companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon for removing the senior employees working.