I Tried To Have Sex Twice A Day For A Week. Here’s What Happened


As a 32 year old woman and mother of two kids, I am at the crucial point of my life in which sex fascinates me a lot more than other things. Recently my friend challenged me a do sex two times a day for a week and I am very much amused with the change in lifestyle and the results. Currently living with my husband I usually have sex twice or thrice a week at max. I decided to take up this challenge and decided not to tell my husband about it. Here are a series of events which happened to me.

couple sex

So my Kids were at my relative’s house so it was a perfect time to surprise him up. I decided to help him by surprising him in the shower by soaping him up and followed by intense sex. It was a pretty good way to start the way. Later in the evening, we went for a movie where we snuck into the bathroom to have a quickie.


I woke up early in the morning and tried masturbating but the vagina was pretty much sore. He was getting ready for the office and had plenty of time. I tried romancing with him to which we eventually ended up having sex in the kitchen. In the evening he returned and we both watched a movie together. We fooled around each other on the bed which later ended up in foreplay and intense sex. This time to avoid soreness I used a lot of lube.

I decided to wake my husband up early in the morning by going down on him. I tried to wake him up by oral sex which isn’t something women do. But this act was a newfound side of myself. He came early this afternoon and I was all prepared for having sex with him again as a part of the challenge. I wore my best revealing clothes to seduce him. We again went for a crazy intense session in which we tried having sex in different positions and places.

I started off my day with pleasuring myself with sex toys followed by seducing my husband in having sex with me early in the morning. This became a great way to start the day with all the fun. I was surprised to see my husband in the evening as he came early than usual. I had something different in my mind, hence we ended up having fun in the bathtub together followed by amazing sex in the bathroom.

It was a normal day today and had plans to have dinner out with my husband. In the evening we dined at the finest restaurants in a romantic way. On our way back home i pleasured him by giving oral sex while he was driving. We reached home and made ourselves comfortable in bed. We watched a romantic movie together and ended up having sex. The sex was getting much better every day and reaching orgasm felt more amazing than before.

I started my day by masturbating with the help of a vibrator. I had an orgasm in a couple of minutes. Later in the night we had sex almost three times followed by cuddling and massaging ourselves.


As it was the end of the week, his office was closed. We started our day with kissing and romancing with each other. We spent our afternoon watching romantic movies. I didn’t know when we initiated foreplay during the movie followed by softcore sex. Later at night we again had sex. Overall this challenge was an amazing session which made us closer.