“Forced To Deliver Beef And Pork”: Zomato Riders Protest In Howrah


Delivery boys who deliver food for online food delivery company Zomato are on indefinite strike. The protesting delivery boys said that the company was forcing them to deliver beef and pork to the customers. In response, Zomato stated that before joining, these terms and conditions are given to the employees and is also signed by them before they are given the job. The delivery boys on strike at Howrah in Kolkata announced that the company was not listening to our demands. They also said that Zomato is forcing them to deliver beef and pork which is against their religious faiths and beliefs. They also announced that they will go for the strike for one week.

Zomato has also told his staff that it is impossible to select employees for delivering vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a country which is so diverse. The Zomato company stated that employees and delivery boys need to understand the terms and condition of their work before joining the Company as all the partners of Zomato are fully aware of it.

This incident created a fresh spark in social media as well. However many people are supporting Zomato in this case as they are not forcing anyone to work under them. Users tweeted that Zomato should hire the people who do not have any problem in delivering any kind of food. A small group of delivery boys working in Howrah has raised this issue. Taking cognizance of this matter, West Bengal Minister Rajiv Banerjee has told the media that no institution or firm can force an employee to do any work against their religion. this is wrong.


This is not the first time Zomato is in the controversy. Earlier a delivery boy from Zomato had to face religious discrimination just because he was a Muslim. A Hindu customer refused to take food from him because he was a Muslim. But Zomato heroically gave an epic reply to the customer and won the internet. Replying to this user on twitter, Zomato said that ‘there is no religion of food, it is a religion in itself’. Since then Zomato was highly praised on Twitter. However, many people also accused Zomato of discriminating against Hindus and gave single star reviews on Google Play application store.