Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Down Worldwide


Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down worldwide in many countries of the world including India. Users are facing trouble in accessing these social media sites and reporting their problem on Twitter. According to the tweets, users are facing trouble running WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram since last few hours.

During this peak time, some users of Facebook are facing issue in the opening account, trouble uploading photo-videos. At the same time, some users’ news feeds are not loading. Meanwhile, users are also having trouble uploading photos to Instagram, and users are not able to send messages even on the Whatsapp.

However, the reasons for this have not been revealed so far and so far and no official statement by these social media official accounts has issued any information regarding this problem. In this way, users are chatting with other alternatives like Telegram or tweeting on Twitter. It is not the first time that all these three social media platforms have come down together. In the last month, a similar situation was noticed.

If someone sends some photos on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram Group, they are facing difficulty in viewing it. For more than 2 hours, such complaints are coming for Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. At first, users thought that this was happening due to slow internet or other reason, but later it was found that this problem is also coming in Instagram and Messenger along with Whatsapp. It seems like the servers of all three social media sites are heavily down.

In twitter, people started #whatsappdown and #instagramdown tags to tell their problems. These hashtags are trending worldwide. People are posting tonnes of memes on Twitter criticizing Mark Zuckerberg. It is known that billions of people around the world use Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Through these social media sites, one can send the necessary messages and photos and videos. Hence it has become a part of our life. People are complaining that they are sending and receiving videos and photos, but they are facing issue in viewing it.