‘Don’t Miss Me, I Am Not Worthy,’ Wrote IITian in His Suicide Note


Mark Andrew Charles, the student of Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H), committed suicide only because of the fear of not doing well in the exam and future. Charles was about to complete the course of Master of Designing from IIT-H in the next three days. He had feared that his performance would not be good. 25-year-old Charles was a resident of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. This week he had to give a final presentation after which his course would have been completed.

The police said that the body of the student was recovered from his room at the IIT-H campus on 2d July. his friends broke the door and he was found hanging from the ceiling of the room. According to the police, Charles had recently given the exam and had doubts about his failure and hence got into depression. In the suicide note discovered by police he had written many things.

He has written, “I do not have a job, maybe I will not get it.” Nobody hires a failed person. It is surprising to see my grade sheet, it looks like an alphabet chart. ” Charles urged his parents in the suicide note that they should not bury his bod, but to donate it for medical use. He wrote, “I will prove to be an ideal body for future doctors of India.”

Charles in his suicide note advised his brother to be brave and to avoid things that could ruin his career. He told his friends not to spend their lives in the IT industry but to start living a happy life. Charles wrote, “Do not forget about your life while working in the IT sector. Everyone gets one life so enjoy it fully.

If we guess from his suicide note, it seems clear that Charles could not handle the hard struggle of life and wanted to give up. He was very much concerned about his life while leaving the world, otherwise, he was such a person who had full affection for his family, friends, and society. He wrote that he could not do justice with the sacrifice of his parents. He wrote, “I never thought that I would disappoint you all. Do not miss me, I am not worth it. I am not qualified.”