Booking E-ticket On IRCTC May Cost More Now, Service Charges Likely To Hit Back


If you travel by train often and purchase online tickets through IRCTC Ticket Booking portal, then this report may disappoint you. You may now have to spend more bucks on booking online tickets from IRCTC soon. According to the official sources, booking a train ticket online can once again result in a heavy service charge on the ticket.


Most people in India who travel by train use the online site IRCTC to book tickets as it saves both time and money. But now this will not happen anymore. You may have to pay more for online reservation from IRCTC soon. If sources are to be believed, IRCTC is once again going to impose a service charge on the train ticket booking. IRCTC can levy service charges ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 40 for booking e-tickets.

After the step of demonetization by BJP, the government had removed the service charge on e-ticket booking to promote Digital India. But IRCTC came into heavy losses after demonetization. The Finance Ministry had spoken of analyzing this loss but now they have refused to do so. In such a situation, IRCTC is now incurring a loss of Rs 88 crore. This time a service charge of Rs 20 will be levied on e-ticket booking of Sleeper class and Rs 40 on e-ticket booking of AC class.

Sources say that the Finance Ministry has written a letter to the Railway Ministry, refusing to pay the outstanding loss of Rs 88 crore for the service charge. Also, they stated that this relaxation in service charge was temporary. In such a situation, IRCTC is now incurring huge losses.

The Ministry of Finance has left the decision of the Railway Ministry to impose service charge again through IRCTC. This will be decided in the meeting of the Board of Directors of IRCTC. According to sources, IRCTC can only apply the old service charge rates. If this happens, its direct burden will fall on the passengers. IRCTC will start taking service charge from passengers soon. There is a possibility that online ticket booking will become expensive from next month. This will;l surely affect the passengers all over India that too during the festive season.