BJP Workers Excited to Marry Fair Girls From Kashmir, Says BJP MLA


Article 370 has been removed from Jammu and Kashmir and there are various reactions given by people on social media. Now Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have been made a union territory. On which strongly reactions are coming from all sides. BJP MLA Vikram Saini made a controversial derogatory statement about Kashmiri women on the removal of Article 370. He said that the Muslim men of the country should be happy as they can marry white Kashmiri girls without any fear. Even bachelor leaders of BJP can now go to Kashmir and buy land there as well as get married.

MLA Saini, in a ceremony at the Khatauli assembly on 6th August, welcomed the decision of the central government, saying that Hindu-Muslim youth in India are eager to marry girls of Jammu and Kashmir. BJP workers are also keen to marry them. He also stated that single people need not worry as they can find white kashmiri girls there.

MLA Saini said- how much oppression was there on women so far? If the girl there marries a man from Uttar Pradesh, her citizenship will end. The citizenship of India is different and the citizenship of Kashmir is different. That is, how should there be two laws in a country? Those who are Muslim activists should also rejoice as they can marry a Kashmiri white girl there. Whatever be the condition, Hindus and Muslims, it is a matter of happiness for the whole country.

MLA Vikram Saini has always been known for making controversial statements. The videos of the event in Muzaffarnagar have gone viral on social media. On this controversial statement of Vikram, people have asked whether any reaction will be given on this statement by BJP or not. BJP is known for their zero tolerance policy against women crimes but till now BJP has not taken any strict action against their party MLA.

Actress Richa Chaddha tweeted, quoting this video on this matter. She posted a video of a dinosaur and wrote – “Racist, sexist, sexually deprived dinosaurs are not extinct, but flourishing! Why are most of our leader’s men that you wouldn’t even want to invite home for chai? Cringe. Is liye jaana tha Kashmir? Shaadi to legal hi thi?”