Andy Rubin Accused Of Running A Sex Ring


Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, the world’s most popular operating system of the mobile world, hid a $ 90 million package from his wife given by Google after leaving his job after being charged with sexual harassment by his wife. This is revealed in the media report. According to the complaint, he stopped depositing his Google paychecks in the couple’s common account in February 2014, soon after he left the company amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

On 2nd July, it was reported on behalf of several media sources that in the trial it was alleged that Andy hid his income from his wife and that the money and resources of the earnings were spent by him. Andy Rubin on the other hand is rejecting these accusations made on him.

It is also alleged in the lawsuit that Andy used to participate in sex rackets. It was said that he had sexual relations with at least six women. Andy’s wife also alleged that before leaving the job in October 2014, he had opened a separate account so that he could keep his earning money in it and pay thousands of dollars to other women.

According to CEO Sundar Pichai, Google has so far fired 48 people for sexual harassment. Court papers conclude that Andy’s net worth is at least $350 million. In the lawsuit, Rubin’s estranged wife, Rie Rubin, claims that she was pressured to sign a premarital contract just two weeks before giving birth to their child and three days before they were married. Rubin assertedly plotted to “coerce and fraudulently induce” his wife to sign the contract.


Andy’s attorney said in a report that “this is a family law controversy concerning a wife who grieves her choice to execute a prenuptial agreement.” “It is full of misleading allegations, and we look ahead to tell our side of the story,” the attorney of Rubin added. Andy was accused of sexual offense while serving as senior vice president at Google. After this incident was found, Google decided to pay him the handsome amount as an exit package. But this step by Google was slammed by the Google employees.