5 Startup Lessons Which Amrish Puri Taught Us


Today is Amrish Puri’s birthday. Google has also remembered this superstar of Indian cinema. Google has remembered this Bollywood legend by creating a special doodle on Amrish Puri. In this, a digital sketch of Amrish Puri has been made. In this, Amrish Puri’s face has been replaced by Google in place of Google’s second O and is shown wearing a shawl. Here are some 5 Startup lessons that Amrish Puri gave –

Be the greatest salesman ever.

Barriers are essential for success because in selling, as in all careers of significance, success comes only after many efforts and countless failures. Amrish Puri taught us that every struggle, each defeat, grinds your skills and strengths, your courage and your endurance, your ability and your spirit and thus each restriction is a companion.

Money is not the answer your passion is.

By first establishing a solid autonomous foundation where you do not have to depend on money, you can live freely once you have it. Always focus on your passion and follow it. Otherwise, your dependencies end up controlling you rather than the other way around.

Dream big. Dream the impossible.

In his entire Bollywood career, Amrish Puri taught us to keep our dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything needs faith and belief in yourself, spirit, hard work, determination, and commitment. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

A unique statement, point of view is needed for traffic.

When it comes to marketing, then the most crucial perspective is traffic: Unless you have the traffic, one cannot sell your idea. In the iconic movie Nagina, Amrish Puri plays the sinister character, who utters “Aao Kabhi haveli pe” to Sridevi, several times. Here, the focus is to bring in the relevant traffic, at any cost. Even if that means taming new barriers of life.

Don’t be obsessive over anything, process or platform.

When you’re obsessed with someone or something, being in close vicinity can make it difficult to think about anything else. The closer you are to your obsession, the harder it will be to stop thinking about it.